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The Liberty Professional is Eurogem’s ‘Top of the Range’ dual ‘Steam combined with Vacuum’ suitable for Light Commercial applications as well as everyday domestic use for larger styled homes.

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Home owners with more than 200 sqm of tiles appreciate the greater steam generation of the Liberty Professional. It gets amazing results, cleaning grout and rougher tiles like the outdoor and pitted, non-slip and slate varieties removing marks and grime build up over years.

Car detailing companies prefer to use the Liberty Professional for cleaning Upholstery, Carpet, Dash Boards and Air Conditioning Vents as the finish is virtually dry compared to traditional water injected vacuum cleaners.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes , Backpackers, Hotels/Motels, Caravan Parks, Restaurants,Cafe’s, Cleaning Companies, Pest Control Companies, Boat Owners, Bed Bug Specialists, Domestic Cleaners etc choose the Liberty Professional for its ability to Sanitize and Clean, Chemical-Free, leaving surfaces odourless and drier for a more noticeable cleaning result than traditional mop and bucket methods. No downtime on rooms.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are an epidemic that threatens the livelihood of not only Accommodation Industries but also normal everyday domestic environments. The Liberty Professional, like all our models, is recommended to eradicate Bed Bugs. It requires no harmful chemicals, and treatments are effective immediately, so rooms are clean, sterile, bug free and ready for use straight away.

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